Entrepreneur & Innovator

Tonya loves intractable problems and constraints. Every challenge is an opportunity to break rules, push limits and design innovative solutions. Her specialty: identifying gaps and common challenges, creating models that advance systemic change and using self interest to power collaboration.

Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Socialight brings together the global community and engages youth to put their love into action for positive global impact. 2014Award

CSI Collaboration Design and Start Up

Vision, collaboration design, and startup strategy for the Centre for Social Innovation — a social enterprise to catalyze, inform and support initiatives that advance social, environmental and economic well-being. CSI brings social innovators together, providing shared workspaces, services, programming and networking and collaboration opportunities. 2003–2004

Rigour: How-To Create World-Changing Spaces

A manual for those planning or operating a shared space. It reveals the accumulated knowledge of six years of experience and offers a ton of tips, lessons and tools for developing a strong organization and vibrant community. 2010Guide

The Community Bond: An Innovation in Social Finance

The story of how the Centre for Social Innovation bought a building. Also a DIY guide to help your organization leverage its most important asset — its social capital — to pursue its mission, build resiliency and create more vibrant communities. 2012Guide